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What is RazorSite?

RazorSite is a static hosting environment and professional site builder that makes it easy to build feature-rich static sites and applications you can hand off to clients and nontechnical collaborators.

RazorSite provides zero-configuration static hosting, domain and SSL configuration, and Jekyll content generation.

Backed by reliable architecture, RazorSite reduces the time it takes to execute new sites while avoiding future maintenance and scalability concerns.

Getting Started

Quick Start

Create your first RazorSite project

  1. Register for GitHub if you do not have an account.
  2. Signin to RazorSite using your GitHub account
  3. Create a new project
  4. Wait for project to become active
  5. Click Visit > live to view the default live environment deployment



A RazorSite Project can be made from any GitHub repo that can be built into a static website. The default build process will attempt a Jekyll site build, but any build process resulting in static site content is supported.


The name of your project. Does not have to match repository name, slug will be generated from the initial value of this field.

Output dir

The output directory with resulting static site content after the build process completes. Defaults to _site for Jekyll builds.

Page 404

The 404 page for this project. Defaults to 404.html, should be set to index.html for serving JS SPA static sites (React, etc).

Timeout in seconds

The max duration to allow for builds to run. Defaults to 3600 (1 hour).

Auto cancel builds

Whether or not to cancel queued builds when new builds are created (within the same environment).

Build concurrency increase

Increase concurrent build limit for a project. Paid plans are allowed 2 across projects, total billed is sum of this field across all projects

Build environment variables

Specify ENV vars for all builds within a project (these can be overwritten from a project environment)


Every time a commit is pushed to your project repository on GitHub, a build is triggered on RazorSite.


By default, the build process will attempt to build any project as a Jekyll project.


Any project that builds into static site content can be built & deployed using RazorSite. Just add a custom bash script to define your build process, and ensure the output_dir value is set properly for whatever expected build directory your process uses.


A project environment is an actual deployment of a single build to 1+ domain(s). An environment is associated to a branch of your project’s GitHub repository, and will automatically deploy successful builds from that branch (by default)


Project environment name (this is used to generate default hosted domain)

Branch name

Select the branch from the GitHub repository to be associated with this project environment

Auto deploy

Whether or not do automatically deploy new successful builds from this branch

Primary domain

The primary domain for this environment (can be configured as “sole” domain by checking Redirect to Primary option)

All environments will start with a default included hosted domain, along with the option to connect additional domains.

Redirect to Primary

Whether or not to redirect all domains associated to this environment to the one designated as Primary domain

Available domains

Connect additional domains to this project environment

Build environment variables

Customize environment variables for the build process for this environment only (will show inherited ENV vars from project, if set)


A project can be associated to any number of domains. This association is through Environments

Hosted domains

A project environment will create it’s own hosted domain by default (a subdomain of This makes it easy to setup new projects and see the result up and running quickly.

Hosted domains can be managed or reassigned from their edit screen.

Custom domains

Custom domains are supported and easy to install.

To add a custom domain:

Manage DNS

Only applies to custom domains installed using NS records

From the domain view, click the gear icon and then Manage DNS to open the DNS management page for custom domains


Project contributors are determined by who has write access to the repository on GitHub.

To invite somebody to collaborate with you on a project, first make sure they have write access to the repository on GitHub, then it will be visible on their RazorSite dashboard.


Notification Settings

Visit the settings page to review your notification settings.

Use provided toggles to only receive notifications related to specific items / statuses within the system. Click Save Settings when finished.

Click Defaults to restore default notification settings.

Billing Information

Visit the billing page to view plan info.

Existing customers

Click on Update Payment Method under RazorSite PRO to update payment method(s)

Release Notes

RazorSite developers are continuously shipping new code, but will always attempt to maintain backwards compatibility unless otherwise stated.

Application updates and release notes are provided below.

12/06/2019 - v0.8.6 + v0.8.7

Bug Fixes

10/05/2019 - v0.8.5

Bug Fixes

09/20/2019 - v0.8.4

Bug Fixes

07/03/2019 - v0.8.3

Bug Fixes

07/03/2019 - v0.8.2

Bug Fixes

06/13/2019 - v0.8.1


06/06/2019 - v0.8.0


05/17/2019 - v0.7.2


05/14/2019 - v0.7.1

Bug Fixes


05/13/2019 - v0.7.0


04/16/2019 - v0.6.7


04/10/2019 - v0.6.6


04/01/2019 - v0.6.5

Bug Fixes

03/27/2019 - v0.6.4

Bug Fixes

03/11/2019 - v0.6.3


03/11/2019 - v0.6.2

Bug Fixes

02/26/2019 - v0.6.1


Bug Fixes

02/25/2019 - v0.6.0


02/24/2019 - v0.5.5


02/22/2019 - v0.5.4


02/20/2019 - v0.5.3

Bug Fixes

02/20/2019 - v0.5.2


02/20/2019 - v0.5.1


02/20/2019 - v0.5.0


02/13/2019 - v0.4.5


Bug Fixes

02/10/2019 - v0.4.4

Bug Fixes

02/04/2019 - v0.4.3


Bug Fixes

02/02/2019 - v0.4.2

Bug Fixes

02/02/2019 - v0.4.1


02/02/2019 - v0.4.0


01/31/2019 - v0.3.6

Bug Fixes

01/31/2019 - v0.3.5

Bug Fixes

01/30/2019 - v0.3.4

Bug Fixes

01/30/2019 - v0.3.3

More badge updates

01/30/2019 - v0.3.2


01/21/2019 - v0.3.1


01/21/2019 - v0.3.0


12/21/2018 - v0.2.2

Bug Fixes

12/21/2018 - v0.2.1


12/21/2018 - v0.2.0


12/09/2018 - v0.1.3

Bug Fixes

12/09/2018 - v0.1.2


12/01/2018 - v0.1.1

Bug Fixes


11/29/2018 - v0.1.0


11/15/2018 MVP Release

This is the first public release of the RazorSite platform.