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What is RazorSite?

RazorSite is a static hosting environment and professional site builder that makes it easy to build feature-rich static sites and applications you can hand off to clients and nontechnical collaborators.

RazorSite provides zero-configuration static hosting, domain and SSL configuration, and Jekyll content generation.

Backed by reliable architecture, RazorSite reduces the time it takes to execute new sites while avoiding future maintenance and scalability concerns.

Getting Started

Quick Start

Create your first RazorSite project

  1. Register for GitHub if you do not have an account.
  2. Signin to RazorSite using your GitHub account
  3. Create a new project
  4. Wait for project to become active
  5. Click Visit > live to view the default live environment deployment

Release Notes

RazorSite developers are continuously shipping new code, but will always attempt to maintain backwards compatibility unless otherwise stated.

Major updates and release notes are provided below.

11/15/2018 MVP Release

This is the first public release of the RazorSite platform.